Powermatic 2 Electric Cigarette Injector

The Powermatic 2 Electric Cigarette Injector Machine is the best cigarette injector in the market. Features include:”Spoon Style” Tobacco Injector – The electric motor powered spoon injects tobacco directly into the tube. Tobacco is packed tightly and kept evenly in the cigarette.Titanium Plated Compressor – CNC technology, tight tolerances and pride in craftsmanship make the Powermatic II stand out from the crowd. The titanium plated blade in the tobacco chamber ensures excess tobacco is cut properly, and a perfective cigarette is made.Electronic Jam Protection – The tobacco feeding shaft will return to it’s firstborn position and the jam light will flash on. Over-filled tobacco may then be cleared out with the supplied probe. Friendly to most brands of tobacco, the Powermatic II will fill 100mm cigarette tubes easily, merely by pack the corners a little more.

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  • Brand: Powermatic II
  • Model: PMATIC2


  • Powermatic2 Electric Cigarette Injector Machine
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Powermatic 2 Electric Cigarette Injector

Powermatic 2 Electric Cigarette Injector Image

Powermatic 2 Electric Cigarette Injector

Powermatic 2 Electric Cigarette Injector Image

Powermatic 2 Electric Cigarette Injector

Powermatic 2 Electric Cigarette Injector Photo

Powermatic 2 Electric Cigarette Injector

Powermatic 2 Electric Cigarette Injector Photo


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By theDAVEbomber
As with one of the previous reviews, I’ve had some lengthy experience with one of the hand-cranked tube feeders. Mine is the Top-O-Matic, and seems i had similar disappointments for some time, until I ordered a hand roller, which let me figure I had nothing to lose trying to tweak it a bit. Still, not perfect, trying to get that tobacco all the way to the filter of a 100mm didn’t seem to be in the design, although when i first got it, I had to use King Sized tubes, which after some amount of learning curve I was able to pack pretty well. After some time, and looking into other products, reading reviews to be sure I was getting something worth the money, I stumbled on a review that helped to more closely resolve that problem getting the tobacco closer to the filter.

Now, there’s something needed to be said about the tobacco being used; then of course it also seems moisture, dryness, even current air conditions, such as humidity all seem to factor in when trying to use any sort of tube roller. I even bought one of those pocket size models, another “Top” product – best thing to come out of that was the spatula that it comes with (very handy packing tool – that, and a good set of tweezers). At first, I was using cigarette tobacco, and after doing the math, it seemed I was mostly doing this rolling as a hobby, because if I was to pay myself the difference of buying already made cigarettes, and the efforts of making them, I certainly would have been better off getting a second job on the cheap and just buying already made ones, instead. Then I started trying the “dual-purpose” tobaccos, and have experimented extensively, pretty certain there are several out there that are even easier to work with than cigarette tobacco, I’ve found a few I like, but most of that is a bit of personal taste, so I’d recommend doing some amount of research in that vein, to anyone: it’s brought the math into better perspective, such that by making a couple packs an hour makes it worthwhile, and I can do that on the hand crank, so guess it’s all good, now.

The thing that helped with the hand cranks, getting closer to the tip: well, there’s a few things that was left out in that review, but i already realized after so many bags of tobacco that there’s always going to be very small particles for a good percentage of the bottom to every bag, so i would save that to be used as “filler”, just to mix it in with that half of the cigarette closer to the filter, and use only the largest particles for the opened end of the tube, where you would light it. The added review that helped get to the tip, can’t quote word for word, but was easy enough, once it got mentioned to be an epiphany that has helped immensely using hand-cranks: “preload the tip” was about all it had to say – put some of the smaller particles into the well area, not a lot, but enough to fill up that tip area that sticks out where you’re going to hang your tube onto – push that little bit towards the exit without having a tube on it, but block it (it’s not safe to have fingers there, but i would, and when i felt the spoon making gentle contact I’d just pull back) – now i got a little extra tobacco where I’ll need it, to get closer to the tip. Doesn’t guarantee to make it, and usually still had to pack and pinch it down a bit, but it was a lot better after starting to do that, than before without the preload.

Now, this electric; had lots of reservations here. The reviews were fair, and i felt badly for that guy that had it always jamming and breaking, but to be honest I have assume he had some factors working against him, those of us with some more experience have probably figured on. Otherwise, my worst fear was getting it to load a 100mm, without being able to preload as described above with the hand crank. After that epiphany, for my hand-cranker, it was pretty clear an electric would not be as easily controlled that i could just have it stop where i wanted, to do that preload, and then fill the well for packing into the 100mm tubes. I suppose, one of the factors not yet mentioned, are the tubes themselves; while there are really not a lot of varieties to fulfill my desire for Menthol 100mm, and i still struggled often with what was locally available. Online, I finally found “Zen” brand tubes, and am so grateful I did – another review once mentioned how the use of tubes being 20mm wide was too small, well, I guess I found what that guy was looking for – wider tubes – BIG difference, even with the hand crank.

Well, I was feeling as prepared as i could be, and hoped for the best – so, I have to say, i think i found it! I have had this machine, barely 24 hours now, and I’ve packed at least a half of a cartons worth of cigarettes. Scared myself a couple times when i jammed it, but to be honest, a well packed cigarette will be “riding a fine line” to what might jam a machine, so you just have to get a feel for it. But MAN!, I have never put out so many perfect cigarettes before, since i got this Powermatic 2 Electric. Wasn’t setting any records, but then, when I ever got that first one off the end, and realized it was hardly going to need any tapping – many don’t need anything more than to just set them with the rest of the well made cigarettes: they come out as well as ones you pay $8 a pack for (in this area), and now I’m saving enough that this machine will pay for itself, long before I’m done using it.

I am sorry about this lengthy review, but i wanted to be sure you understood this is just another person, trying to save a buck, and being fair about how I feel about this product, and not someone who makes money off the sale of these items. Over time, and trials, I’ve learned a few things, tips and tricks i thought worth sharing, as much as the review itself. Okay, well maybe 24 hours and half a carton of cigarettes isn’t enough experience with this much of an investment, to many of you; but for me, I’m pretty confident now I’ll have no trouble making lots of very nice quality cigarettes, and as i said, have the machine pay for itself, over time (haven’t done the math yet, but that hand-cranked one was already working at a profit too – so I’m not worried). I’ve seen some of the electrics, wanting $200 to $500 for their machine, and honestly, I can’t see how those would be any better, especially since it’s all just one cigarette at a time. And clearly, the reviews for some I just couldn’t trust, as being from someone like myself who really did buy and use the product. Oh, BTW, I did have a chance to try one of those “multi-cigarette making electrics” as well (in fact got one just a few hours after this one arrived – worst nightmare) that little pocket portable tube cigarette maker works better than what I’ve found trying to use the “two cigarettes at once electric” i got, and the “three cigarette” one I’ve seen works on the same principle, so not going to bother that one.

I’m perfectly happy with the Powermatic 2 Electric, and intend to be using this for a very long time. :-) (dlm)

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5Easy to stuff your own…
By Edward Chapleski
The Powermatic 2 Electric Cigarette Injector Machine is the real deal! Most other electric injectors use some sort of corkscrew to twist the tobacco into the tube. They usually end up crumbling the tobacco into little pieces and clumps that allow the glowing red hot coal to fall off while smoking when you least expect it. This little machine uses a spoon injector very similar to a TopOMatic hand crank injector and makes perfect cigarettes every time.

Usage is simple: you plug it in, turn it on, raise the lever, put some tobacco in the slot, put a tube on the nozzle and then lower the lever. The action of you lowering the lever compresses the tobacco, and when the lever reaches the bottom of it’s throw, the motor starts up and injects the compressed tobacco into the tube. Note: It is important to wait for the injector to return to it’s resting position and the motor to stop before raising the lever again to make another.

If you stuff too much tobacco in the slot, or if the tobacco is too damp, it may jam. But no worries, there is a reset button that actually reverses the injector motor so you can clear the jam. It even comes with cleaning tools: a soft brush, a bristle ram rod and a poking rod. The injector machine and tools seem to be very good quality of manufacture.

I have been using this for a couple months now, and have tried various cuts of tobacco from fine to medium with absolutely no problems. It is much more convenient than using my old hand cranker which now sits on a shelf – just in case of a power outage :^)

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4Powermatic is a dream to use
By Cassie
I was very excited to receive this item and I wasn’t disappointed. The seller shipped the item in a quick manner with quality packaging. The machine itself is fab. I have been using the Excel Blue for a little over a year and it has proven to be a very dependable spoon injector device. But, I was definitely ready to step up to an electric device at a reasonable price. And, this machine more than satisfies that desire.

Some reviewers complain about the machine malfunctioning or not working properly. I believe that has more to do with the type of tobacco used and the person using the machine. My limited experience has shown me that a rough cut or pipe tobacco works best, for me and the machine. I’ve found a finer cut tobacco to cause jams; mostly because I have a tendency to overstuff fine tobacco.

My only complaint is the tobacco holder should have a more secure attachment. Currently, it is just placed on top of the injector with no means of securing it. I find the holder useful and would appreciate a better attachment method. All in all, I’m well pleased with this purchase.

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